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Our Team

The Holds Gallery is a meeting point for brands that come from 360 production. The goal is to connect different climbing holds brands and create a platform where buying holds and volumes is an enjoyable experience.

Why The Holds Gallery?

  • Same colour concept: for you to mix and match brands.
  • Fast delivery: short production time with some products in stock ensures you’ll get your holds and volumes in the shortest possible time.
  • Get bigger discount: bigger order means bigger discount for you, even when mixing brands in one order.
  • Lower shipping costs: everything will be shipped from one place keeping shipping costs as low as possible.
  • Less paper work: one order, one quote, one invoice, simple as that.
  • Big variety of shapes in one place: our goal is to bring brands from all over the world to ensure versatility of shapes and ideas.
  • With us you get more than each brand can offer individually.
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