What brands are available in my country?

When you select your location which is also place for your delivery, you get to see only the products available in your country. Not all brands are available worldwide since some have local distribution deals.


What is the colour concept?

All our brands have the same colour concept for you to mix and match. Find below our RALs:

red RAL3000
blue RAL5015
yellow RAL1018
green RAL6018
orange RAL1033
pink RAL4003
purple pantone S4050-R60
black RAL9005
Grey RAL7001


What is the meaning of the symbols?

A: We would like to introduce symbols that present materials and are easily recognised. You can find them next to description of each product and on product shots as 10cm sizing objects next to the hold or volume.

 Shipping and payment

How do I calculate my shipping costs?

Shipping within EU:
– FREE SHIPPING for all orders bigger than 1.000,00 eur. For orders smaller than that a 15% fee of total amount is automatically added to your invoice.

Shipping to countries outside EU: shipping costs will be calculated and added to your quote manually, after we receive an inquiry from you. We will do our best to find you a good deal.

What payment methods are accepted?

You can choose from:
– credit card payment
– pay pal
– or bank transfer

How do I check status of my order?

You can track status of your orders from you log in account for any additional information you can always contact us:

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

Delivery time is depending on whether you chose products that are in stock or not. When your order has only products that are in stock, we will ship it to you within 1-3 working days.
In case your order has products that are not in stock, delivery time is 6-8 weeks, depending on the size of the order.

Fix, clean, care

How to fix, clean and take care of holds and volumes

Even though our products are made of high-quality materials, they need to be handled with care to make sure they will last long. So please consider our recommendations to CLEAN, CARE and FIX:


• We recommend to clean your holds and volumes with high pressure washer machine. Water temperature should not be higher than 40ºC. Make sure you are washing from minimal 35 cm distance. In other case you can potentially damage the products and affect the color.

• Holds and volumes should not be washed with detergents or other aggressive acid-based products. For effective cleaning we advise you to use specific washing liquid or jet wash.

• Specially wooden volumes should not be soaked in water. After fast cleaning it is important to put them in a dry place immediately.

• Use only soft brush when cleaning holds or volumes on the wall. Other brushes may damage the surface of holds and volumes.


• Note that longer exposure to sun and therefore UV may change the shade of color of holds and volumes. Specially PU material is more affected by UV and can also become significantly softer when exposed to direct sun.

• Holds and volumes need to be handled with care.  Any falling, dropping, throwing or storing holds where rubbing against one another is possible, may result in visible scratches or some other damage on holds or volumes.

• If sharp edges appear due to mishandling holds or volumes should be removed by sand paper or other abrasive material.

• Store them in dry place.


• Holds and volumes should only be fixed by certified route setters.

• If a hold or volume has any mistake, do not fix it on the wall.

• Fix holds and volumes to completely flat surface.

• For screw-ons: use min. 4,5mm screws and make sure there is enough fixing points, so it is impossible to pull out a hold or volume in a given situation.

• For bolt-ons: use countersunk or cap head M10 bolts. If necessary, add extra screws to avoid spinning and/or to spread force evenly.

• Do not over-tighten when fixing holds and volumes, especially higher profile shapes or thinner pieces need to be fixed with care.

Thank you for reading our recommendations for handling our holds and volumes with care.

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